Barkhor street

The Barkhor street is located in old area of Lhasa City, Tibet and is very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple. Barkhor Street was built along with the Jokhang Temple. After the Jokhang Temple was built, there were countless pilgrims gathering to view the magnificent building and pray. Gradually, there was a trodden path around the temple and called the origin of the Barkhor Street. The Barkor is a popular devotional circumabulation for pilgrims and locals. The Barkhor circuit consists of East Street, West Street, North Street, and South Street.

This street retains the ancient Lhasa look: Tibetan houses line the streets, and the ground is paved with flagstones. Barkhor is also a must see place for visitors. For visitors, Barkhor Street is a magical place showing the original outlook of Lhasa. It was paved by hand-polished stone boards. Though it is not broad, it accommodates thousands of tourists every day. Varied shops stand on its both sides and thousands of floating stands are on every corner. Barkhor Street is a place full of religious atmosphere and a world of exotic articles. If you have been attracted by it, you should go there. Believe your eyes, and you will get a lot of surprise there.

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