Tibet Museum

Tibet Museum is the official museum of the Lhasa, Tibet. Inaugurated on october 5, 1999 it is the first large modern museum in Tibet Region. Located in the southeast corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa city.Tibet Museum covers an area of 23,508 square meters (5.8 acres) including the exhibition area of 10,451 square meters (2.6 acres). Tibet museum stores abundant historical and cultural relics, Buddhism figures, ancient books and records of Tibetan, and folk handicrafts.

In addition to showing the civilization of Tibet, the museum is also an ideal location to hold cultural exchanges and seminars, to preserve cultural relics, and to encourage the archaeological study. The museum has become an education base of patriotism as well as a significant tourist sight in Tibet. Tibet Museum is not only a source of information and inspiration for the locals themselves, but also attracting an increasing number of people from overseas and educating them on the unique Tibetan culture. Let’s wish it a bright future in the new millennium!

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