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Basanta Tibet offer Best Tibet Holiday Packages around the world to watch & experienced mystical land of Tibet.

Tibet is commonly known as Roof of the World & among the most popular exotic destination in this planet. Tibet is rich in natural beauty such as world highest mountain Everest is situated in Tibet, world highest monastery Rongbuk, highest Lakes, highest plateau and the most holy pilgrimage site Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar are located in Tibet.

Tibet is high altitude destination.

Why you need Tibet Holiday & Tour packages:

  • You can see the world most amazing natural beauty where the earth touch the sky such Mt. Everest, highest monastery on earth, highest Lake, highest plateau on earth.
  • Get the opportunity to watch rich ancient culture.
  • Meeting the most amazing hospitable and religious people .
  • The most Holy places for both Hindu and Buddhist, you can still find nomad people in some part of the remote area.
  • Adventure of a lifetime.
  • Spiritually enlightening power places full of energy.
  • Visit School of Buddhism.
  • Visit ancient palace of Tibetan kings & their tombs.

Western Tibet Tour Packages

Western Tibet is famous for its spiritual magnetism and natural beauty; Mt. Kailash and Manasarowar Lake are most focal point for pilgrimage and Kingdom of Guge offer a great experience of ancient history of Tibet. Western part of the Tibet administered under Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is the most under developed compare to Central and Eastern Tibet. However construction of Road has already been completed up to Kailash area linking with Lhasa.

Major Highlights: Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, The Guge Kingdom, Tholing, Tsaparang, Darchen many sacred pilgrimage sites for both Buddhist and Hindu.

Central Tibet Tour Packages

Central Tibet is also part of the Autonomous region of Tibet (TAR), China. It occupies 1/4 of Tibetan land. It is the most popular and center of all cultural and religious activities. All major cities and towns are located in central Tibet Major highlights: Ancient cities of Tibet: Lhasa , Shigatse ( 2nd biggest city), Tsedang ( 3rd biggest city), Samye, Gyatnse, Sakya, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Tso ( Lake)

Natural Beauties of Tibet: Mount Everest Base Camp ( Forth Face ) and many other highest mountain, Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Tso ( Lake), Pigu Tso ( Lake), Phum Yuk Tso ( Lake), Rongbuk Monastery ( highest monastery in the world).

Eastern Tibet Tour Packages

Eastern Tibet is mainly comprised of the three provinces of Amdo , Kham , And U-Tsang. Its climate, geography, flora, fauna and isolation all lend it a unique, almost magical atmosphere. Traditional life seems less distorted here than in central Tibet. Geographically the region offers great variety from subtropical low lying jungle to the glaciated peaks of Namche Barwa and the high grasslands of north eastern Tibet. At its eastern end the headwaters of some of Asia's greatest rivers-the Mekong, Salween and Yangzi-tumble off the Tibetan plateau, carving a dramatic concertina landscape of deep gorges, microclimates and remote valleys.

Travelling to Tibet is a must place to visit for anyone who want to experience unique, culture and great scenic attractions. Tibet features some of the most breathtaking man-made, and natural sites in the world, and as a whole, has the friendliest people ever met.

Usually a tour package consists of a number of places to visit which feature the tourist attraction in Tibet.

Basanta Tibet offer most exciting Tibet holiday packages.

tibet tour packages


Experts Tips on Tibet Tour & holiday Packages:

  • If you are not well experience on high altitude trips, you must plan your trip accordingly such as keep the activities and altitude minimum initially and move to higher altitude after proper acclimatization
  • Always choose best and professional tour operator since things can go wrong right from the beginning if Tour operator is not experience: documentation for permit/visa formalities requires intricate detailing and operation must be well organized as it is high altitude any wrong decision can lead to life threating situation or at least ruining your ultimate holiday.
  • Always choose a best accommodation and do research about good restaurant these are important friend after a long tiring day.
  • Guide and Drive are key in Tibet Tour as it is driving if you are not trekking. So you must understand your Guide and driver, they like to be respected since Tibetan are proud, generous and hospitable at the same time they can be nasty if they feel offended.
  • Some of the sightseeing places in cities can be very touristic due to overflow of Tourist in peak season, choose off season to avoid least tourist if you are visiting mainly central Tibet such Shigatse, Gyantse, Tsedang, Lhasa.
  • Peak season: June to September
  • It is good to have some basic idea about do and don’t on local manners.
  • It is also good to share with your operator what you like to see and visit in Tibet and your past experience of traveling to such place.
  • Due to high altitude one must be well discipline keeping fit and avoid AMS, must keep body hydrate by drinking liquid at least 4 liter a day as AMS cause by dehydration, avoid any alcoholic drinks, keep your body always warm, conserving energy.
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