Chimpu Cave & Samye Monastery

Observe or join monks in their daily prayers at Samye Monastery the first Buddhist and Nginama Monastery in Tibet and walk up to Chimpu Cave where Tibetan Buddhism started.

Samye Monastery is the first Buddhist and Nginama Monastery in Tibet is an important place for Tibetan Buddhism and the perfect place to find serenity and bring peace to your mind.

The Chimpu Cave is situated in the hill above the Samye Monastery.which is a beautiful 2 hour hike and once up you will have great views over the surroundings. It's here where the soothing whispering of the wind sparks a spiritual atmosphere into this historical important place where Tantric Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhawa) gave teaching to his 25 disciples and received great wisdom. 

The Chimpu Cave is the place from where Tibetan Buddhism started to spread. Many Monks & Yogi still meditate for months and some even for years in the caves of Chimpu.

Visiting Samye Monastry and the Chimpu cave is a excellent opportunity for your clients to learn about the spreading of Buddhism through Tibet. 

Leaving a donation to the cave and monastery is appreciated, the money is used to feed the monks that are in meditation. 


A visit of Chimpu can be included in your itinerary along with Samye Monastery and Yumbulakhang located in Yarlung Valley.