View Mount Everest in Tibet

Offering the stunning views on the highest mountain of the world is an absolute must when you are offering Tibet Tours

An opportunity to visit the base camp of Everest (5200m) with an experience across the Tibetan Plateau. True to its nickname, “the Roof of the world,” Tibet is more or less an untamed land of nomads (drokpas), monasteries, yaks, sand dunes, and high altitude desert that goes as far as the eyes can take it. On this Tour, you have 4 days of acclimatization in Lhasa and visiting major Places, Monasteries. Later overland journey begins by driving through ancient cities Gyantse, Shigatse before visiting Everest base camp.  

Everest Base Camp can be included in several itineraries from Lhasa, contact us to create your perfect Tibet Itinerary