Ganden Monastery Experience in Lhasa - Basanta Tibet

Ganden Monastery is a great spiritual escape just outside of Lhasa, where interaction with monks and the beautiful setting will be a life long memory.

Ganden Monastery is a great spiritual escape just outside of Lhasa.

The Monastery is located on the top of a mountain with spectacular views over the surrounding valleys that can be enjoyed while making a kora ( sacred walk clockwise ) around the monastery. It’s easy to become mesmerized and connected with nature in the peaceful environment the where chanting of monks from inside the monastery is decorated with clear views of river and mountains.

Inside the monastery where there are still good number of young and senior monks living, you can observe the devotion and study of the monks towards Buddhahood and world peace.

The monks in Ganden monastery love meeting visitors and exchange friendly conversation when they are free from their duties.

These are special moments where you are able to experience the genuine happiness and compassion of the monks.

Ganden Monastery is especially enjoyable for those interested in meeting resident monks. Ganden is the founding monastery of the Gelug sect one of the 4 great schools of Buddhism in Tibet.

Ganden monastery is one of the most powerful ancient monastery founded by Tsongkhapa in 1409, Tsongkhapa believed that you should not focus on meditating but should also put great emphasis on studying the scriptures. Tsongkhapa himself learned not only the “old” Nyingma & Kyaga teachings but also the teachings of Bengali master Atisha combining them in the new Gelug sect that brings in philosophical logical thinking and debating to sharpen the mind.

Visiting Ganden monastery with Tibet Expert, Basanta Adventure will create an opportunity to every travelers to understand Monk and the monastery live through our simplified story and practical experience.