Jokhang Temple Lhasa

• Highest Altitude: 3600m/11808ft
• Best time: November to May ( pilgrimage season0
• Accessibility/Location: Lhasa
• Required Travel days: minimum 5 days

Jokhang is the Tibet`s most sacred shrine and the center point of Pigrims for entire Tibetan plateau.

Jokhang is located in the heart of old town of Lhasa, built by queen Brikuti, in the location identified as principal site of geomantic power place in Tibet, the heart of Supine ogress. Jokhang Lake is built filling up with earth transported by goats. The name Lhasa (Place of Deity) is derived by original name Rasa (Places of Goat). There are several chapels inside the Jokhang and the most important is Jowo Rimpche, 1, 5 meter of image of Sakyamuni Buddha crafted by Visvakarman in Kapilvastu, image was partially destroyed during in 1717 but it was well hidden during the Cultural Revolution. Hundreds of pilgrims visit Jokhang special during the winter time from all the over the Tibet.