• Mount Kailash


Feel complete isolation from outside the world and fall in love with nature. Witness the hardship of mountain people their simplicity and full of happiness. During a visit to the epicenter of energy and probably the world biggest spiritual power place Mt.Kailash.

Holy Mt. Kailash is believed to be the home of the Hindu God Shiva and the source of 4 majestic rivers on which ancient civilizations were build including the Indus. 

Great Master Padmasambhava, Melarapa and many other Buddhist & Bon masters are believed to have received enlightenment here.

Mount Kailash is also a holy mountain for Jain people and thousand of pilgrims travels to Mt.Kailash and circumambulate the mountain every year. 

Basanta Adventure crafts customized Tours based on the interest of the Tourist.

There are two ways of going to Mount Kailash via road through Lhasa or Trekking via trails in western Nepal. 

Traveling to Kailash through remote western part of Nepal Limi Valley and Humla trekking for a week is probably the most interesting and available from march through september.  Fun Fact: Humla is the last off 77 districts in Nepal that doesn't have any roads. 

Bird chirping, waves of Lake and roaring of river Yarlung river, yak yak, horses, pilgrimage, strong wind,

Breathtaking view of amazing Mt. Kailash, the most holy for Hindu, Jain and Buddhist, many masters meditated and received enlightenment, Russian consider it a ancient pyramid and center of electromagnetic field.

Emotionally overwhelmed, sense of fullfillment, blessed by Mt. Kailash, close to God,