Kharta and Khansung valley

Find the hidden Sangrila in the middle of the highest mountains of the world

Kharta and Khansung valley, Tibetan believe there is a “Beyul Khembalung” a hidden sacred land called Shangrila where the physical and spiritual worlds merge.  Created by Great tantric master Padmasambhawa in 9th century to practice meditation in solitude without disturbance.

Kharta and Khansung valley is the place for a challenging trek northeast of Mt. Everest that offers an amazing panorama of three of the world’s top 10 highest mountains: Mt. Everest, Makalu and Shisha Pangma. 
During your trek you will see wild animals, rich vegetation, pristine Lakes, high passes, nomads, Yaks,


Wilderness, mouth watering freshly cook cuisines by Tibetan chef in remote section of Khangsung valley, chilled wind and extreme fatigue walking on highest altitude.


Aroma of freshly cooked cuisine, curries, fresh coffee, Tibetan hot chili pepper

You will fall in love instantly by the environment and overwhelm by the power of nature.  Extreme tiredness, lost of breath and appetite due to high altitude. 

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