Meet polygamy community (Brothers marrying same woman)

Learn about this fascinating tradition

An opportunity to have a unique experience to visit a village is located east of Lhasa approx 15km of distance and takes half an hour. There are approx. 150 families and most of them are farmer but younger generation are either engaged in small business or working in city center. There are many Nomad shelter built by Government where Nomads live with their herds during winter and in summer they travel around searching for green pastures and trading their herds. This beautiful village is blessed by pristine river flowing right through their holy Mountain providing water to all the village community and their crops. Basanta Tibet has been promoting village tourism as a part the sustainable tourism which has been a great success.  

• Highest Altitude: 3600m/11808ft
• Accommodation: Guest house/Hotel
• Accessibility/Location: Proper road (Paved road), Lhatse area
• Required totally travel days: minimum 7 days
• Required Fitness: Any regular fit tourist can travel