Namtso Lake

• Highest Altitude: 4718m/15416ft
• Accommodation: Basic accommodation
• Accessibility: Proper road (Paved road), 1000km from Lhasa
• Required Travel days: minimum 5 days
• Required Fitness: Any regular fit tourist can travel

Namtso Lake is one of the most naturally beautiful and pristine salt water Lake. Namtso is also considered a power place and energy center where Padmasambhawa once meditated in many of the hermitage caves with his consort located by the Lake. Namto Lake is 70km long and 30 km wide is the second largest salt water lake in the Tibetan Plateau after Kokonor. Landscape is dominated by the snow peak of Holy Mt. Nyenchen Tanglha, It is completely prohibited to enter in Lake due the religious significance and local believes that Namtso was the wife of God of Nychen Thanglha. Hundreds of Pilgrimage visit Namtso, many people meditate nearby Monastery of Tasdhi Dor and hermitage caves associated to Padmasambhawa and his consort Yeshi Tsogyel.