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Sera Monastery Tour

Travelers learn about the fascinating Buddhist teaching practice of debating by young Tibetan monks in Sera Monastery one the most important monasteries of the Geluk order located at about a 30 min ride from Lhasa

The main attraction of visiting Sera Monastery belonging to the Gelug Sect is experiencing the debates of young monks. The debating between monks is an important practice of Buddhism and Sera monastery is the only monastery where your clients can see the practice of debating. The debating always happens as a part of the monks afternoon program around 15:00 and usually last a few hours.

The debate is an important part of studying Buddhism for a young monk.
You will hear the monks enthusiasm while they are validating their Buddhist knowledge with determination to their peers. Statements are followed by a firm hand clap.

During our visit our guides explain travelers based on the debate the basic principles of Buddhism.

Sera Monastery is located at the foot of the north west ridge of Lhasa and is surrounded by trees, flowers and budhistic rock paintings. The local guide will also take your clients around the monastery which is a pleasant short walk but can be extended for those that like to climb the ridge.

A visit to Sera Monastery can be combined with nearby villages where you can visit traditional local families, enjoy their home made yak butter tea and interact with local family with the help of your guide.

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