• Drokpa (nomads)
    Drokpa (nomads)

    Drokpa or nomads community lives with their herds and keep changing their location until the winter arrives.

Eastern Tibet

Eastern Tibet is mainly comprised of the three provinces of Amdo , Kham , And U-Tsang.

Its climate, geography, flora, fauna, and isolation all lend it a unique, almost magical atmosphere. Traditional life seems less distorted here than in central Tibet. Geographically the region offers great variety from subtropical low lying jungle to the glaciated peaks of Namche Barwa and the high grasslands of northeastern Tibet. At its eastern end the headwaters of some of Asia's greatest rivers-the Mekong, Salween, and Yangzi-tumble off the Tibetan plateau, carving a dramatic concertina landscape of deep gorges, microclimates, and remote valleys