Visa and permit formalities

Tibet Visa formalities

1.      Entering Tibet via China mainland.
A. Apply Chinese visa in home country. We can supply any documents required for Tibet portion.
B. Once visa application is approved, it takes 3 days to 1 week to get visa.

Required documents for Tibet travel permit:
A. Color scan copy of passport at least 30 days prior to the travel date
B. Copy of Chinese visa at least 20 days prior to the travel date.
C. We will deliver Tibet Travel permit in any city of China,
D. Tibet Travel permit is required at immigration to enter Tibet. 

2.      Entering Tibet via Kathmandu, Nepal.
A. Apply Tibet Group visa
B. Visa process takes 4 working days (Monday to Friday)

Required documents for Tibet Group:
A. We need color scan copy of passport at least 30 days prior to the travel date.
B. Color MRP size photo (once clients arrive in Kathmandu)
C. Guest must plan to arrive Kathmandu as per the Embassy visa working days and flight schedule.

Important information:

3.       Once Guest provide the copy of passport 30 days before to apply for Tibet permit, same passport must be used to travel Tibet, in case of any situation arises that guest need to obtain new passport, we must be informed immediately, failure to notify such eventuality can lead to trip cancellation.  

4.      Passport must be valid more than 6 months from the date of Tibet travel and it must be ordinary passport. 

5.      You do not need to bring Chinese visa if you are planning to apply Tibet visa in Kathmandu Likewise, Tibet visa will also be valid for China mainland. If you are traveling to China, please let us know your program of China and length of stay in order to apply visa as your length of stay in China. Please avoid splitting or extending Tibet Group visa for your further journey to China in Tibet or in China which is extremely complicated and authority may refuse to do so in China, so please carefully plan and organize before booking the trip to avoid any issues.

6.       Chinese Embassy is closed during several Government holidays; however Embassy accommodate by accepting visa application in advance and issue visa upon the verification of the original passport. You are required to pay urgent visa fee and all necessary documents. 

7.      In Tibet, briefing and orientation are key factor in order to provide cultural sensitivity and safety precautions.