Our Journey

Early 1950 my father from Nepal and mother from Lhasa fell in love and decided to cross the boundary of two different culture and traveled across the border from Tibet to India, it was a totally a life changing experience for them in a totally different new environment climatically, culturally and socially. It was a huge challenge for a young couple to live in a strange land but their love for each other any difficulties was not enough. My father originally from Nepal and mother from Lhasa meet and fall in love in Lhasa but due to cultural and social difference in my father home country Nepal, he could not dared to bring his culturally alien wife to his home country. My parents somehow managed to live in a strange land gave a good brought up to her 5 children. We gradually moved to Nepal still away from cultural and social life of my father community in Nepal. I never got to see my grandparents from both side of my parents in Lhasa and Kathmandu.

In early 1990, I traveled to Mt. Kailash with a group of pilgrimage, I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty and truly felt there is something why people called it heavenly place. Later, I traveled to Lhasa to reunite with my lost family for the first time. I decided to introduce our rich natural heritage, culture and belief around the world and become a channel to connect Tibet with people around the world through Tourism. Hence Basanta Adventure was born after culmination of many travel experiences throughout the Tibetan plateau. Now, we still passionately organize Tours and Treks throughout the Tibet for the same purpose.

Tibet is the most sacred land for Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and many other people believes in Philosophy of Hinduism 7 Buddhism. It is believe that there are many power places and Chakra (energy centre) in Tibet which I have personally felt every time I travel and I truly believe there is some magical power up there. There is myth that Hindu God of destroyer and creator Shiva lived in Mt. Kailash where many great masters were attracted and visited. There are ancient’s palaces, monasteries, temples, highest fresh water Lakes, Holy Mountains including Mt. Kailash, Everest Base Camp from north side where you can visit by car, school of Buddhism belong to different tradition such as Galukpa, Ngingmapa, Kyagukpa. Tibet was ruled by many powerful Kings and Teachers. Tibet was finally opened for Tourism in early 80s but now Tibet is fully an exotic destination, however, due to its geography average altitude of Tibet is 4000m which make the destination unique and challenging.

We are an authentic and one of the most experiences Travel Company committed to preserving unique beauty of country its culture local and tradition of Tibet to facilitate interaction between travelers and locals in respectful and sustainable way.


To provide high quality personal, professional, sustainable and unique experiences that help travelers learn about the cultural heritage, spirituality, religious devotion and natural beauty of Tibet.

Our purpose:

To bring travelers to Tibet to experience the hospitality and beauty of the country as well as the life, culture and spiritual/religious beliefs of Tibetans that are undergoing immense change due to rapid modernization.

Who are we:

We are the only local authentic Tibet travel company certified under ISO 900: 2015 proving our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Company Values:

Integrity & professionalism
Personal Customer Care
Passionate about our work
Authentic Expert backed up by Research Team
We Empower & Love Local Communities
Always Deliver the best we have, against a fair price (Value for money)