Covid Pandamic Fundraising campaign

RESCUE THE RESCUER: Now Himalayan guides and their families need your support.

Dear Family and Friends,

Warm greetings from Basanta Adventure! We hope you are safe, well and in good spirits.  

I am writing to inform you that we have just launched a crowdfunding campaign in a renewed appeal for donations to support our staff and their families

RESCUE THE RESCUER: Now Himalayan guides and their families need your support. 

We are deeply grateful to all of you who have been so generous in helping to support our staff for the past year. Your donations have enabled our staff to survive and to look after their families.  But sadly, COVID has returned with a vengeance, far worse than last year and it is most unlikely that we will be able to restart our business before Spring 2022.  

We are very close to the point where all our savings and donations will have been used up. So, once again we appeal for your kindness, compassion, and generosity to enable us to support our staff and their families (in total 69 people) who are fearful of approaching poverty and starvation. 


  • ·         Donate to our campaign at
                                         RESCUE THE RESCUER. ALL donations, however, small will be most gratefully received.


  • ·         Share this link with your families, friends, and anyone else who might be willing to contribute.

Every penny counts. ALL donations will be shared with our 16 staff members and their families, in total 69 people.  

In anticipation, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

With our very best wishes.

Kind Regards,
Basant Bajracharya

Spiritual Journey to Tibet & Nepal

Posted on Mon May 3, 2021.

It was back in March 2019, during our visit to Travel Fair of ITB, Berlin in Germany. Ms. Cybele from Lebanon randomly visited our company stand, during conversation, she started crying when she realized that we are Tibetan and we organize trip to Tibet. Ms. Cybele told us that her father who is a retired executive and he has been longing to visit Tibet for many years for very special spiritual journey and perhaps inner peace. We were not sure about obtaining visa for Lebanese national, after spending much time, we said good bye to each other. After the fair, we return home. We requested the authority to grant him invitation letter to enable Mr. Salim to visit Tibet, authority accepted the visa application and issued invitation letter which we forwarded to Ms. Cybele hoping Chinese Embassy will issue Visa for him. After few weeks waiting anxiously, Mr. Salim received his Visa to travel Tibet, Ms. Cybele was over the moon knowing the fact that his father will be finally traveling to his much awaited place.
Now our concern was to ensure safety and wellbeing of elderly person traveling from sea level to highest plateau on earth over 4000m, but Mr. Salim had no problem and he visited all the major temples, power places, took part in special prayers season with high monk, he learned and practiced meditation conducted for him by Buddhist Nun. Mr. Salim was escorted by our trusted senior and well experienced Guide who happened to be former monk during his entire trip in Tibet.
After Tibet, Mr. Salim visited birth place of Buddha in Nepal and again visited power places located around the Kathmandu valley. Mr. Salim returned home safely after fulfilling his inner desire to visit places he always wanted in his life.
We felt blessed and lucky to be able to help Ms. Cybele fulfilled her father`s dream. We have organized several similar spiritual and life changing holiday but this was something very special.
Author - Basant Bajracharya

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Tibet & its People

Posted on Fri January 4, 2019.

Learn more about Tibet and its people

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6th Basumtso International Mountain Trail Cycling Race 2018

Posted on Tue October 2, 2018.

The 6th Basumtso International Trail Cycling Race 2018 was organized by Basumtso Tourism Authority held this May 1st 2018. Around 150 participants took part in this event were 10 participants were international cyclists from all over the world.

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Best Time to Visit & Explore Tibet

Posted on Tue October 2, 2018.
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Posted on Sat July 28, 2018 in Quick Reference Tibetan Religion.

Padmasambhawa is one of the most important figures of Tibetan Buddhism, his translations of scriptures and turning local demonic forces upon the path of Dharma paved the way for Buddhism in Tibet

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