Safety and Risk Assessment


Basanta Adventures is a fully government registered company originally founded in 1998 in collaboration with other partners and later solely owned by current Managing Director (MD) Mr. Basant Bajracharya. After building a strong team of operation in Tibet, the company started providing professional services organizing treks; tours in all government permitted areas in Tibet.

Local knowledge, Tibetan background of the owner, using local guides, providing personal attention to the clients and continuous improvement in services is our strength and why Basanta Adventure gained a good reputation locally and internationally as a Tibet Tour specialist.

In 2010, Basant Adventure also successfully obtained international standard on quality ISO 9001-2008.

Guides & Transportations :

  • All our Guides are Tibetan and they are Government registered license holder and well trained.
  • All Guides speak good English and have good knowledge of local culture. Most of them speak Nepali Languages as well.
  • Most of our Guide are educated in India and speak good Hindi and Nepali.
  • We can provide French / German / Spanish speaking Guides; however, we need advance notice to book them due to high demand.
  • All our Guides have experience of minimum 4 years and they are fully capable of handling any eventualities.
  • We provide detail background of our Tibetan guide to our client before the trip.
  • All our vehicles are kept in top condition and regularly maintained for the safety of the clients.
  • Our offices have own fleet of transportations which includes Japanese and Mitsubishi Jeep, 13 seats mini bus, 15 seats Hino bus & 35 seats deluxe coaches.
  • All our drivers are helpful and well experience driving, they follow strict safety guideline. They have good knowledge of technical side of the vehicle.

Inquiries entertainment, communication, and operation :

  • Our policy is to entrain inquiries within 24 hours.
  • We update regularly about the ongoing tour operation and well being of the guest.
  • The local agent will have easy excess to our Guide.
  • We address any discomfort and complain of guest immediately and communicate with an agent as necessary.

Hotels :

  • We only use our associate hotels in every place where our client received additional attention.
  • We provide hotels with private facilities in all our Deluxe and standard tours.

Precautions :

  • A good in-depth briefing is the most important factor in Tibet Tour to make aware of local culture and changing scenario of Tibet in the present context.
  • Likewise, we provide detailed briefing talking about taking precautionary measure in terms of personal health, altitude sickness, cultural sensitive issues and any unforeseen circumstance supported by a handout of information which includes: Map, pre-departure briefing notes, information of the Places.
  • Upon the confirmation of booking, we provide detailed day by day itinerary, full contact details of hotels en-route, our office in Lhasa, the cell number of local Tibetan Guides.
  • Our Guides are easily available for an update during the tour and clients can be contacted through our Guide.
  • We supply necessary medicine such as Diamox Tablet on request.
  • Our itinerary is carefully planned and allows enough time for acclimatization before gaining altitude.
  • We provide emergency oxygen in every vehicle.
  • We supply emergency water in the vehicle.
  • All the safety features are well maintained in our Vehicle.
  • Altitude sickness: Safety is the first priority. We do not take any chances or risk against the safety of the client. The guide will take all the precaution and if necessary make the right decision if there is any danger in the health of client and life-threatening situation. We supply Pressurized Chamber (Gamow Bag) and satellite phone during any trip which includes remote area.

Risks :

  • With regard to all risks, we have an excellent safety record that no death and any major injuries have been recorded.


Emergency Rescue Guidelines: Emergency rescue/evacuation takes place in the event of any life-threatening situation i.e. serious injuries to vital organs, body parts (broken limbs), food poisoning or acute mountain sickness (AMS), and or natural disaster or Political disturbances.

Use all emergency numbers (numbers updated every six (6) months)
Basanta Adventure Office: 977 (1) 4440237, 4441321
Basant Cell: 977 9851088349, 977 (1) 4374487 (Resident)
Lhasa Office: 86-891-6813882, 6815881

In 2010, Basant Adventure also successfully obtained international standard on quality ISO 9001-2008.