What our Clients say about Basanta Tibet.

In April of 2014 I was lucky enough to come across Basanta Adventure as part of my gap year travels, which I was doing with my best friend and a small group of others our age (19, give or take a year). With Basanta Adventure we completed a week long trek of the LangTang mountain region in Nepal, a week long cultural tour of Tibet, and a short trip to Chitwan Safari; and I can honestly say that every moment was both incredible and unforgettable.

On the trek we quickly became friends with our guide and porters, who made sure throughout the week that we were all safe, comfortable, and having an incredible time (which we certainly were). We were often encouraged to take it slow and to make the most of the awe-inspiring scenery; which certainly suited me, an inexperienced trekker. Ratna, our guide, was prepared for every eventuality, providing sufficient first aid when one of us was hurt, and quickly finding shelter when we found ourselves in a snow storm! Whilst the trek was a challenge we were supported every step of the way (quite literally) and came away with incredible memories and wonderful friends; and I will forever be proud of making it to the top of the 'Kyanjin' peak!

Following the trek, our tour of Tibet was equally amazing. With eight days at hand we travelled around Tibet by minibus, stopping at various villages and cities for a day or two each. As with on the trek, our guide quickly became a close friend and ensured that we never missed a single detail when learning about Tibetan culture and history - an eye-opening experience. We were also lucky enough to make a stop at Everest Base Camp which was just as incredible as you might imagine. Our accommodation each night was very comfortable (almost luxurious in some of the bigger cities!), the food was always delicious, and the sights were truly once-in-a-lifetime.

In summary, I am so very grateful to Basant and his team at Basanta Adventure for giving me such an unforgettable experience, and also for becoming close friends; I hope I will be able to travel with them again someday!

- Sophie B, Tibet Tour

Bristol, United Kingdom

We left Kodari and crossed into Tibet via Zhangmu and onward to Shigatse, Gyantse and Lhasa over the next 4 days. The landscape was amazing ! Nature in all its beauty ... from snow capped mountains, sky-blue glacier lakes to magnificent mountain passes decorated with Tibetan prayer flags.... a must-do for those who wish to experience rustic Tibet off-the-beaten track.
We had an excellent guide who shared with us the history of each site. Interestingly for us, the driver of our van had only one cassette in his deck (yes still equipped with cassette player!) which had a total of 8 songs (only!) for the entire 4 day scenic journey across snow capped mountains. Eight Tibetan songs which the driver kept on a repeating loop, like a mantra of sorts ! I think our brains since then are forever wired to re imagine our road trip if we ever do hear those 8 songs again. Kind of like Pavlov's bell..... in a good way.
If you are planning for a trip to Lhasa, do the route via Kodari like us, on a 4 WD or a van. Best would be to go in a group of 3 or 4 and the best month to do this journey would be November for the skies are clear, and the temperature ranges from -7C at night to 15C during the day.
Oh, and bring your own music !

- EleenWong, Lhasa Tour

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We came to "Basanta Adventure" agency because of the recommendation of a friend from Tibet. The people from the agency made an attractive offer for a "trip to Tibet by car" for the two of us and sent it to us by e-mail. When we arrived in Kathmandu, we only had to go two times to agency to arrange the details and get the effective briefing.
All the staff there were very kind and prepared us perfectly for our "Tibet adventure". Our guide and driver were friendly and attentive from the first day we met them and always asked about our wishes, preferences and conditions.
The tour to Shigatse, Lhasa, the famous monasteries around Lhasa and Gyantse was very impressive and interesting for me. We also experienced everyday life in Lhasa, because in December there were not so many international tourists there as in other seasons. One possible reason: it was so cold!!! :-)
I will never forget the stunning and - for Swiss people like myself - "infinite" landscapes and high snow-mountains in Tibet!

- Marlen Oertle, Central Tibet

Three members of my family have been lucky enough to travel with Basanta Adventure on three separate trips recently. Each trip was tailored to the family member's requirements and each far outweighed expectations. I was lucky enough to do a 'once in a lifetime' journey to Tibet. Basanta Adventure's ability to deal with every eventuality meant we were able to make a rare trek through the Kharta valley. The highlights were endless...stunning verdant valleys; breath taking snow-covered Himalayan mountains; majestic monasteries and remarkable people. Basant and his team overcame what appeared to be unyielding situations allowing us to experience the wonderful character of the Nepalese and Tibetan people. My family fell in love with Nepal, Tibet and their people We will be back to explore more with BATE!

- Gillrailton, Tibet Tour

United Kingdom

December 2018 I finally achieved one of my life time ambitions to visit Tibet after years of reading and watching films about it (7 years in Tibet etc)
My immediate choice of trekking company was Basanta Adventure. After using this company over a 10 year period ( Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Base Camp) I am familiar with their excellent organizing especially their attention to detail
Prior to the tour I spent some time in Kathmandu visiting places of interest accompanied with a guide provided by Basant and Ratna Bahadur Tamang who had been my trek guide on two previous treks.

Day one of Tibet tour. Basant staff accompanied me to the airport ensuring I had all the relevant documentation and information necessary.

Arriving in Tibet I was met at the airport (Lahsa) by my guide for the tour Tenzing-La who proved to be an excellent guide.
The tour it self was made so interesting because of his immense knowledge and obvious love for the Tibetan culture.
The highlights of the trip, so many ,but visiting the palace at Lahsa, observing the pilgrims at their devotions was amazing.
One thing not on the itinerary but made possible by Tenzing was sharing a meal of potatoes with a Tibetan family whilst on a train journey was something I will always remember.
After the tour i returned to Nepal to spend some time with Basant and family .

I would recommend Basanta Adventure to anyone planning a trip to Nepal/Tibet.

Thanks for every thing Basant
See you again in May 2019

- Gravill Bernard, Tibet Tour

United Kingdom