Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel through sustainable tourism is Basanta Adventure Treks & Expeditions (BATE)’s key principles. Our business has been guided and designed as per our Sustainable Policy. All the component of Responsible Travel and Sustainability’s are incorporated in every product and services of the company.

Initiatives and actions


Training, Empowering Team and stakeholder:
All our Team (Administration and Field) are well aware of company policy of Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism. Our Team ensures all our partners, suppliers; clients follow the company guideline of Sustainable policy and Responsible Travel.

Social welfare and human rights:
BATE ensures all team members and stake holders to practice free and fair business in all level including transparency, anti-corruption, child protection and adherence to basic human rights and national law.

Support and Promote local product & community:
We encourage using only local products and services. We encourage all our partners to follow the same as much as possible in a free and fair manner.

Socio-cultural conditions: Promote Cultural Heritage of all the communities:
BATE gives special emphasis on cultural heritage of all the communities of Nepal and its other outbound destinations. We provide in-depth information of the every aspect of the cultural importance to our valued guest and integrate such activities in our programs. We take special initiative to help community preserve and promote their rich cultural heritage through various sources and inform about the negative impact on selling/buying souvenirs that contain historic or archeological value.

Environment and biodiversity:
BATE strictly follows guidelines of on environmental protection and biodiversity and promote this through various means. Waste management is encouraged, animal welfare and animal related activities are operated within in proper international accepted animal welfare conditions. We educate and provide training to our team about Environment and biodiversity with the assistant of our partner NGO Center of Environment Education for Nepal (CEEN).

Help through Gap Year Program
Basanta Adventure has been organizing responsible travel through our Gap year Program, a project base program a semi charity program since 2001 working with our partner We are supporting mostly in Educational activities working with more than 10 schools in various villages district. Our volunteers teach English and other extra curriculum activities for 4 months as a result all the student of our partner schools have benefited in English spoke/written languages and has good knowledge of other current affairs. Participants of Gap year Program live with Nepali Families where they exchange cultural activities and it helps host families financially as well as give a huge exposure to the world.

Earthquake Relief campaign in 2015/16:
BATE together with Oyster and many other organize relief work during the devastating earthquake in 2015.

Partnership with Local NGO and Charity Trekking:
Basanta Adventure organizes and specializes in Charity Treks to raise funds for special projects or sponsor various educational activities. We work closely with some non-profit organizations (NGO) since many years such as Children Aid Care (CAC), CEEN, Woman Foundation, Future for Nepal, FFN and Maiti Nepal.

Foundation of Future for Nepal (FFN):
In 2003 a young man joined our gap year program booked with our partner company Oyster Worldwide, UK a Gap Year & a Responsible Travel specialist. He arrived in Kathmandu along with other 3 participants. They all spent 4 months working very hard in a village school and living with local family in a basic living condition as per the Nepali tradition. They also took part in various adventure holiday activities such as Himalayan trekking, Trip to Tibet, white water Rafting and Jungle Safari during their 5 months of volunteer work.
One of 5 there was a young man called Mr. Wells who really immersed in the life of Nepali culture and even mentioned his willing to support children who needed help. Mr. Wells completed the gap year program successfully along with other participants and returned to UK. After several months, we heard from him and he told us that he founded a charity organization with the help of his family, we did not believed him but he visited Nepal with his parents, we provided much assistance as possible to help him set up his Charity. Mr. Wells worked very hard looking for a deserving child to support for their educations and manage the charity raising funds from various sources.

His charity organizations provided full board educations to more than 30 deserving children from different parts of Nepal from various ethnic communities.
After 13 years many of the children have successfully graduated. 3 girls have already completed Nursing training, 4 boys are studying in colleges, working part time and some will be graduating school next year.
Gap Year Program (project base program) since 2001:
Our Gap year programs started in 2001; students from our partner schools in villages now can speak fluent English. They can easily converse in English with any western people. As you know English is considered a most valuable language in Nepal to get jobs of any kind. Our programs have given students exposure of international people, received knowledge about extra curriculum activities which has enhanced in their extra knowledge and increase confidence.
Another positive impact of our gap year programs is on our host families. After more than 16 years of continued hosting our host families have gained knowledge, exposure and have elevated their economic conditions. Our host families' children are well educated and all most all have completed high school and gone beyond and working in respected field such as Architect, Scientific research, and teachers.

Special Projects:
We have been able to help build schools, assists to the 2015 earthquake victims and help build homes and schools. Support health camps, street children programs and raise awareness on women and children trafficking.
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