How Buddhism arrived in Tibet

Posted on Mon July 23, 2018 in Indepth Tibetan Religion Articles.

In this article Basant Bajracharya, Tibet Expert explains how Buddism arrived in Tibet during the 7th century.

How Buddhism arrived in Tibet

Buddhism arrived in Tibet during the time of great king Songtsen Gampu during 7th century who married to  Nepali Princes Brikuti and Chinese prince Wenchen who brought the youngcesW, SongtsenGampu sent his trustbut only 9 or 10th century during the time of King Trisong Detsen buddhism flourished in Tibet with help of Padmasambhava. The Great Tantric Master Padmasambhawa also called Guru Rinpoche was invited to Tibet 967 AD by King Trison Detsen to help him from demonic force which was creating obstacle to built his dream monastery in Samye, Padmasambhawa successfully subdue the demon and redirect the demon in the path of dharma. Later on Pansambhawa supervised massive translation of specially tantric Buddhist script into Tibetan along with abode Santaraksita who was also invited by King Trisong Detsen to build the first monastery Samye Ling.

Great Master Tsongkhapa ( 1357 - 1419 ) original founder of new school of thoughts which later become Geluk Tradition also called yellow hat. Ganden Monastery was a first school belong this tradition. Tsongkhapa was most learnet master of that time, he was greatly influenced by Manjushree and believed to be emanation of Manjushri. Tsongkhapa received full ordination as a monk at the age of 24, ol, he received teaching from several master of different traditions & practice it. Tsongkhapa died at the age of 62 in 1419.

Milarepa: one of the few enlightened master in Tibet, Milarepa story from destroyers due to selfish reason later become a Yogi after receiving teaching from than great master Naropa, we went to retreat for 12 years where he received full enlightenment. Melarap believed to have supernatural power using his meditational state, he is said to have meditated on top of holy Mt. Kailash with his supernatural power.