Posted on Sat July 28, 2018 in Quick Reference Tibetan Religion.

Padmasambhawa is one of the most important figures of Tibetan Buddhism, his translations of scriptures and turning local demonic forces upon the path of Dharma paved the way for Buddhism in Tibet

Presents of great master Padmasambhawa or Guru is everywhere in Tibet. Padmasambhawa was invited invited to Tibet in 967 AD by King Trison Detsen to help him with from demonic forces that were creating an obstacle while building his dream monastery in Samye.

Padmasambhawa successfully subdued the demon and redirected the demon in the path of dharma. You will notice and hear many stories of Padmasambhawa who traveled all around Tibet, highland of Nepal and Bhutan where he practices and teaches his Vajrayana tantra and meditation. Padmasambhawa supervised the massive translation of Buddhist script specially related to tantric Buddhism into Tibetan language working closely with Indian monk abode Santaraksita.

This led to first Tibetan Buddhist sect, the Ngima order.